How to Use Student Tracker

NOTE: The link to create a new user account will only be enabled for the first three weeks of the quarter, then it will be turned off to prevent spambots and other Internet critters from infesting the premises.

1. The first thing you will need to do is set up your own student account in Student Tracker.

     Access the Student Tracker site at

Student Tracker

2. Invoke the Click here to create a new user account link

3. Choose a Username which you might want to save for reference, then enter your real  First Name and Last Name using title case (e.g., Inigo Montoya)
and a real, working, legitimate Email address.

Student Tracker Info

4. Enter a Password, which you might also want to save for reference somewhere.

Student Tracker Password

5. At the Student Tracker Welcome Screen, you will need to Enroll in a Course by first selecting 2015 Spring (or whatever the current quarter is).

Student Tracker Portal

6. When BIT 115 is offered, select Enroll in This Class

Student Tracker BIT 115

7. You will receive confirmation that you have been enrolled in BIT 115.

Student Tracker BIT 155 Portal

8. Selecting BIT 115 (2014 Spring or current quarter) under Courses You're Enrolled in will bring you to an information page.

BIT Student Tracker Tips

9. Selecting Edit Your Info will bring you to a page where you can update your information and keep it current (if you're email address changes). it is your responsibility
to make sure you have a current email address registered throughout this quarter.

Student Tracker - Edit Your Info