Using the Becker Library to Determine Robot Class Methods

  1. Click on the Becker Robot Library link

  2. In the upper left-hand column, in the All Classes section, select the becker.robots link.

    This will bring up the available becker.robot classes in the lower lrft-hand column.

  3. In the lower left-hand column, select the Robot link

  4. This will bring up the Robot Class (called Class Robot) page in the right-hand window

  5. Scroll down to the Constructor Summary section. Here you will see the two types of constructors used for creating Robot objects, the 4-element constructor (city, street, avenue, direction) and the 5-element constructor (city, street, avenue, direction, things in backpack)

  6. Scroll down to the Method Summary section. Here you will see a list of available methods that might be used by Robot objects, including move(), pickThing(), putThing(), and turnLeft().